Viking Appliance Repair Houston

About Viking Appliances And Why HOU Repair Should Service Them

Viking manufactures high-end kitchen appliances, including cooktops and ranges.

  • Ventilation systems
  • Barbecue grills
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Warming drawers

Entrust HOU Repair with the servicing of your Viking products.

Choosing Viking Repair in Houston

Here is why, for Viking appliance repair, you should choose HOU Repair over every other H-Town appliance repair company.

  1. Viking Appliance Repairs on Your Schedule
  2. We appreciate the value of our customers’ time. We can have a technician at your home or business same-day, next-day, or any day that works for you. HOU Repair has no set business hours. We’re ready to respond whenever you need us.

  3. We’re Experts at Repairing All Appliance Brands
  4. In addition to Viking, we service large and small appliances from over 50 different makers. Whether it’s foreign or domestic, HOU Repair can fix any food preparation, cleaning, ventilation, or heating and cooling device, you can name.

  5. Fixed-Rate Houston Area Viking Appliance Repair
  6. An average, appliance repair costs $65.00 per hour. Paying by the hour means not knowing the cost of the repair until completion of the job. HOU Repair charges a flat rate, so you know the repair fits your budget before the tech turns a wrench.

  7. Certified Viking Appliance Repairs
  8. Some Viking products cost $4,000 plus. Don’t trust the repair of a machine that valuable to anyone other than HOU Repair. Our techs are Viking trained and certified, and we perform Viking warranty work.

HOU Repair for Certified Viking Appliance Repair

If you need help with any of the Viking conveniences listed below, please give us a call.

Viking Refrigerators

If your food isn’t cold enough, the refrigerator’s thermostat could be in the wrong setting. If the temperature setting is not the issue, it could be more complicated, like a worn door gasket or a faulty thermostat or compressor. If it appears more than a simple adjustment is needed, bring in the Viking certified service team from HOU Repair.

viking refrigerator repair

Viking Ranges

One of the most frequent complaints we receive about Viking ranges is a constant clicking from the igniter.

  • Burner doesn’t ignite
  • No igniter spark
  • The oven heats too slowly

A simple cleaning might correct the above issues. When you suspect a serious problem call us.

viking range repair

Viking Microwaves

When a microwave doesn’t work right or quits working, you usually throw it away and get a replacement. Considering that the least expensive Viking microwave costs $589.00, getting a free estimate for the cost of repairing the unit from HOU Repair will likely leave you money ahead.

viking microwave repair

Viking Dishwashers

Sometimes a Viking dishwasher won’t start simply because it isn’t plugged-in. Anyone can put a plug in a receptacle. Leave the major fixes to the professionals from HOU Repair. An improperly executed DIY dishwasher repair voids the warranty and creates a fire and personal injury risk.

viking dishwasher repair

Viking Single And Double Ovens

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Regular maintenance visits from us can keep your oven and other Viking products running seamlessly. Having our technician find a small problem before it becomes a significant problem saves you time and money.

viking double oven repair

Viking Cooktops

There are advantages to using a Viking cooktop. They’re easier to clean than a traditional stove, and the burner temp is self-regulated for safety. A bad heating element or uneven cooking is inconvenient. If you experience the above issues, whether electricity, natural gas, or propane fuels your Viking cooktop HOU Repair will have you back to creating culinary delights in no time.

viking cooktop repair

Viking Ventilation

The downside of cooking is the heat, humidity, and smoke. A properly functioning Viking ventilation system makes working over a cooking surface more comfortable. Have us address a malfunctioning ventilation system immediately.

viking ventilation repair

Viking Outdoor Grills

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Regular When a Viking barbecue grill stops working, the question is repair or replace? If your Viking grill is under warranty, you obviously want us to repair. Replacing a Viking grill near the end of its life expectancy may be the more cost-effective option. A call to a HOU Repair service rep will help you decide what to do with your broken Viking outdoor grill.

viking outdoor grill repair

Viking Warming Drawers

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. Regular Between servings or during the preperation of other dishes, a Viking warming draw keeps victuals from getting cold. If your Viking warming drawer makes odd noises, isn’t warming, or won’t turn on, call us to keep your family and guests enjoying warm first and second servings.

viking warming drawer repair

More Reasons To Call Us For Viking Appliance Repair Houston, TX

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We use genuine Viking appliances replacement parts. HOU Repair techs always have the component your Viking appliance needs on the truck. We give a one-year warranty for our work and the replacement parts.