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At HOU Repair, we know the value of having a GE repairman in the neighborhood to provide GE repair service and GE appliance repair parts. We understand that you see your appliances as investments that should provide your household with convenience and performance for years to come. That’s why our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix every common problem impacting GE refrigerators, washers, stoves and more. We’re also certified to provide GE Monogram service for your premium-grade appliances. If you’re looking for a GE authorized service repair Houston company to help you get your appliances back in top condition, let HOU Repair help you get more life out of the household appliances you rely on every day.

Why Choose HOU Repair for General Electric Appliance Repair in Houston?

At HOU Repair, we pair honest work with impeccable customer service to help you have confidence in your decision to choose a certified repair company to fix your appliance instead of simply shopping for a new one. When you choose our GE repair center Houston company, you’ll always get straight answers. Take a look at some of the hallmarks of quality offered by us!

Original Spare Parts

If we need to replace a broken or malfunctioning component in your appliance, we’ll source new parts for you. Rest assured that we only use original GE appliance repair parts. If we discover that you need a replacement part, we’ll let you know as soon as possible to ensure that your part can arrive as quickly as possible.

Qualified Technicians

At our GE appliance repair Houston Texas company, only certified repair technicians are deployed to perform each GE authorized service repair Houston residents request. Our team members are trained specifically on GE parts and products. That means that we’re never playing a “guessing game” when it comes to diagnosing your issue. In addition to being trained and certified, our friendly technicians are always polite, thorough and respectful when they show up to do the job!

Emergency Services

Household appliances are notorious for breaking down at the wrong times. That’s why you need a GE repair center Houston households can count on for 24-hour emergency services. Count on us to answer the call if an appliance breaks down when you least expect! In many cases, we’re able to offer same-day service when you place a call for a general electric appliance repair in Houston. Don’t risk allowing an appliance to create a complicated, messy situation by waiting until the next day!

Fair and Understandable Prices

If you’re concerned about cost when looking for GE appliance repair near me, you should know that we charge fair and reasonable prices. It’s one of the reasons why we’re the GE service center Houston households count on when appliances go down! We’ll provide you with an honest, accurate assessment of what your appliance needs to begin running properly again. Prior to conducting repairs, we’ll verify that you’re in agreement with the work that needs to be done. Many of our clients find that they are able to save thousands of dollars by going with repairs instead of buying a new unit.

General Electric Appliance Repair in Houston

GE Refrigerator Repair

If you’re experiencing dipping, uneven or unpredictable temperatures in your refrigerator, let us take a look. This can be one of the most difficult appliances to diagnose due to the fact that refrigerators have so many different parts and systems. Some common situations that we encounter are broken compressor motors, refrigerant leakage and frayed cables.

ge refrigerator repair

GE Trash Compactor Repair

If trash is piling up at your home because your trash compacter isn’t doing its job, components like the drive motor or centrifugal switch could be to blame. Many people also seek trash compactor repair for stuck rams or jammed doors. Additionally, you may need the help of a General Electric repair service if your compacter is making unusual noises.

ge trash compactor repair

GE Garbage Disposal Repair

If you hear any sort of grinding noise coming from your garbage disposal, it’s important that you have someone take a look at the situation before flicking the disposal switch causes an even bigger problem. Additionally, things like humming and leaks could be signs of trouble.

ge garbage disposal repair

GE Freezer Repair

With freezers, it’s important to have someone take a look at condenser coils, evaporator fans and other issues that could be diminishing your cooling capacity.

ge freezer repair

GE Ice Maker Repair

If your ice maker isn’t working, everything from clogs to frozen lines could be to blame. Ice makers can be complex units to diagnose due to the fact that they contain components like ejector gears, shutoff arms, valves, cube molds and much more. Don’t risk damaging any of these delicate components by trying to fix your GE ice maker on your own.

ge ice maker repair

GE Range Repair

Our technicians can assist with everything from broken heating elements to malfunctioning digital controls.

ge range repair

GE Range Hood Repair

As you know, range hoods are more than decorative. It’s very important to have your circuit board and switches inspected if you’re experiencing a malfunction to ensure proper ventilation in your kitchen.

ge range hood repair

GE Microwave Repair

Don’t toss that microwave just yet! In many cases, swapping in a new part can save the unit.

ge microwave repair

GE Dishwasher Repair

When a dishwasher stops working properly, this could be a sign that you’re about to have big trouble. Unfortunately, there is always a risk for flooding if any component within your dishwasher is off kilter. Some common reasons for broken dishwashers are clogged or broken arms, pumps and inlet valves.

ge dishwasher repair

GE Cooktop and Oven Repair

Broken elements in a cooktop or oven can have many causes. Our techs can inspect your cooking setup for common issues that impact cooker elements, wire connections and circuits. In many cases, learning how to perform proper oven maintenance by removing grease and grime can help you to prolong the life of your cooktop or oven.

ge cooktop repair

GE Washer and Dryer Repair

If the laundry is piling up because of a broken washer or dryer, it’s important to get the situation looked at immediately. Washers and dryers pose more than just inconveniences. With broken washers, there is the potential for major leaking and flooding that can cause serious damage to your home. A malfunctioning dryer can pose fire risks.

ge washer and dryer repair

GE Repair Service and Warranty Service Right in Your Neighborhood in Houston, Texas

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If you’re looking for GE appliances repair Houston residents can count on, HOU Repair offers top-to-bottom GE and GE monogram appliance repair. We’re here if an appliance emergency is causing havoc at your home. Call our team today to schedule service.