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A fridge has become an essential and useful kitchen appliance. If it has come out of order and you know nothing about refrigerator repairmen or companies in Houston to depend on, HOU Repair is at play for emergency refrigerator repair. Our service center offers an effortless and stress-free fridge repair experience. We are proud of our experts’ service and superb Customer Service, which is available 24/7!

Professional Refrigerator Repair in Houston TX

Our service crew consists of skillful technicians, which are factory trained on all kinds of home appliances. The repairmen will do their best to diagnose and repair all residential refrigerator models in an hour or two for your peace of mind.  The service trucks are equipped with several hundred spare parts for replacement, which improves the ability of Refrigerator Repair Service to get all problems fixed on the first visit. 

We use only genuine replacement parts to maintain the warranty, increasing the lifespan of the appliances we handle. Our in-home service for 24-hour refrigerator repair will always include tips on maintenance and operating your fridge to get the most out of its features. For the most friendly service, you can depend on, there is no better place to schedule than HOU Repair, a full-service Appliance Repair Company in the Houston area

With HOU Repair Service You Get

Experienced technicians, specializing in all brand refrigerators, parts & accessories.

Same-Day Service with 24-hour access to certified parts for an urgent call.

Welcoming, prompt, extremely professional service with fast and expert help.

Warranty & Post-Warranty Refrigerator Repairs

In-Home Services for Home Fridges

Your home appliance is a necessity, and it is of importance to keep it working at its best. Even high-end products that are known for quality, as well as popular labels, can be affected by day-to-day usage, requiring the fridge repair in Houston. The service package provided by our staff invariably includes warranty services, maintenance, and post-warranty repairs. With HOU Repair you’ll get fast, practical, and clear solutions and the best refrigerator repair for any of the existing models, including:

  • Standard / Mini / Smart / Door-in-Door Refrigerators;
  • Single Standing / Built-in Refrigerators;
  • Single Door / Side-by-side Door / French-Door / 4 Doors Refrigerators;
  • Top Freezer / Bottom Freezer Refrigerators;
  • Standard Counter / Counter-Depth Refrigerators.
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Common Signals of Emergency Fridge Repairs Need

Some brands are serving you well for a decade, so you are calm enough to disregard any change in work. Only when something is amiss, there comes a moment you understand that the kitchen appliance requires urgent repair. Several issues you can try to troubleshoot by yourself, like an interior light that won’t go off or gaskets replacement. But if you come across one of the following symptoms, don’t hesitate to engage HOU Repair professionals.

The food gets frozen in the fridge

The temperature level between 36 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit should get maintained inside the fridge section intended for food. You’ll need a diagnostic to find out the destabilizing issues. They can include incorrect settings of the thermostat, faulty temperature control, defective thermistor, broken damper, or overworking evaporator fan. Order a refrigerator pro with HOU Repair to prevent food from freezing and getting spoiled.

The temperature inside gets warmer than it should be

Check the gaskets, first of all, and replace them if they are cracked or torn. The door won’t get closed tightly, making the air inside warm. Another reason is the condenser coils that get blocked. Unplug the appliance, then clean the coils with a brush or a vacuum. One more cause is the over frosted contacts. Our recommendation is to replace the whole unit if defrost thermostat. Call in HOU Repair expert to fix it.

There is constant defrosting inside the fridge

This problem often arises from the frosted evaporator coil. Frost that covers the panel of the evaporator or cooling coil can’t melt, building up the point of blocking airflow. The defrost problem that gets the fridge stop cooling is difficult to fix without an expert. Only a repairman can find out if it is a faulty defrost timer, defective thermostat, or defrost heater to get replaced.

The ice maker is idle

The breakdown can have several culprits. The plugged filter is one of the most common causes of this mechanism. New models are supplied with the sensor inside the door suggesting the time to change it. If a motor module gets seized up, failing to move, it needs serious treatment and replacement. The clogged water inlet valve may be another reason. Some tests should be performed to diagnose a level of heat to release the cubes. If you know nothing about it, call our pro. 

The water dispenser gets out of work

Modern equipment tends to develop technical glitches, and refrigerator water dispensers aren’t an exception. If it is not working, only a refrigerator repair expert can identify the root of the problem. Our experience shows that the most common reasons are frozen or clogged water tubes in the door, low water pressure from the supply, or defective control board. All of them can’t get fixed by the owner and require an expert opinion.

The fridge isn’t working

Lightning or power surge could have damaged the electronic control board on the refrigerator.  Check if there are relays that are worn out or open circuits, that might need to be replaced. Some models are not intended to last for a long time, your bad choice can make the experts expect problems right off. Give us a call to have your fridge checked and repaired accordingly.

There is constant power cycling in the refrigerator

Constant power cycling is an issue to be checked out by a professional as it leads to greater problems. If there is a blockage due to dirty condenser coils, it provokes constant on and off of the refrigerator power. Never ignore this sign, call out your HOU Repair specialist to check and get it resolved as soon as possible.

A strange noise is coming out of the refrigerator

If you spot the fridge is too noisy or makes vibrations, there’s no time to waste. The noise of thumping is a signal of a defective compressor. If the sound is squealing, your freezer fan would need to get replaced. Our experts can identify the cause of noise at once, replace the parts, and handle the most complex refrigerator repair Houston Texas.

Tips for Fridge Care & Maintenance

To prevent all issues from happening the best solution is to treat your fridge the right way and call our service crew to inspect it from time to time. Our specialists are up-to-date with all of the latest industry practices. And here are their recommendations on how to take care of the fridge to ensure its longevity:

  1. Keep the refrigerator away from heat sources will improve its performance, don’t forget to leave a place for ventilation behind it to save electricity.
  2. Let your meals cool down before you put them in the fridge, keep food refrigerated at recommended temperatures to prevent bacterial growth, and store it for longer periods.
  3. Don’t overload your fridge –  you can block the cool air vent, preventing the air from circulation, making the temperature higher, which is dangerous in terms of food safety.
  4. You should clean the fridge regularly with a mild cleaner to avoid spills that may cause bacteria growth and bad smell.
  5. Never open the fridge doors, leaving them for long opened to avoid temperature rising inside.
  6. Vacuum the back of your fridge regularly to avoid airflow corruption.
  7. Never use the too old fridge as it is potentially harmful, you are taking risk of damaging the ozone layer with Freon coolant. 

Book a refrigerator repair in Houston 24/7 and enjoy quality service from qualified technicians!

All-Brand Refrigerator Repair Service Houston TX

Our technicians are familiar with all the true brands (KitchenAid, GE, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag, Frigidaire, Westinghouse, Thermador, U-Line, JennAir) and continental manufacturer’s products (Bosch, Liebherr, Electrolux, Sharp, LG, Hitachi, Samsung) of household and commercial refrigerators. We guarantee we are capable of fixing everything, including high-end brands like Viking or Sub-Zero. 

At HOU Repair we deal with the modern models of freezers and fridges with ice makers and water dispensers as well as the old ones where finding replacement parts can be a problem to everyone but us! When you need appliance repair in a jiffy, we are the professionals you can rely on. No matter if it’s a simple issue or a whole piece to replace entirely, with HOU Repair you’ll end up with a properly working appliance once again.

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