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At HOU Repair, we specialize in small appliance repair Houston TX residents can rely on when the household items they rely on stop working. We know that you hate the idea of simply throwing your small appliances in the trash just because something has gone wrong. Appliances don’t have to be disposable when you have our technicians take a look at the issue instead. We provide a wide variety of repair services for all types of appliances.

Choose Us for Small Appliance Repair in Houston, TX

The HOU Repair team understands the intricacies of repairing small household appliances. Count on us to get to the bottom of why an appliance has stopped functioning. As part of our commitment to providing top-notch service, we use new replacement parts to help get your appliances back up and operating like new. We always deliver a quality guarantee with a commitment to charging you fair and reasonable fees for our work. What’s more, our qualified and knowledgeable techs will give you a clear explanation of what we’ve found, the best option for fixing your appliance and how long it will take. We’re proud to be the company people turn to when seeking small appliance repair in Houston Texas. HOU Repair offers installation, repairs and maintenance to help keep your kitchen running smoothly!

Why Do Small Appliances Break Down?

There’s no one reason why the small appliances in our kitchens break down. It may be that an appliance burned out because you were powering too many items on a single circuit at once. We also commonly see that internal wires or other components have been loosened out of place just from an appliance being jostled around too much. Something like a motor that is burned out is also common. Sensor issues are also quite common. Overall, the most common cause of appliance malfunction is that something has either broken or shifted within the interior of the appliance. To the average person, it’s almost impossible to tell what has gone wrong unless you want to take on the risk of opening up the appliance on your own. A better option is to bring in technicians who can offer a diagnosis and small appliance repair parts.

Which Small Appliances Do We Repair?

The HOU Repair team repairs a wide variety of small appliances found in the average kitchen! Many customers are surprised to learn that it’s possible to fix units that they assumed were simply “lost causes.” Here’s a look at our services:

Stand Mixers
hot plate
Griddle Grills
Food Processors
Food Processor
Slow Cookers
Coffee Maker
coffee maker

Don’t throw an appliance away until you’ve called HOU Repair! We may be able to help you get many more years out of your appliance with our mix of great service and repair parts. No household appliance is too big or too small for us!

The Common Appliance Brands We Service

At HOU Repair, offer repair services for all of the common appliance brands you’ll find in American kitchens. Our team is highly familiar with the components and parts that enable us to offer everything from coffee maker repair to mixer repair Houston residents can count on.


How to Keep Your Appliances in Top Shape

The best way to keep your appliances working at optimal condition is simply to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for regular maintenance. The good news is that most appliances require very little work! Generally, the big thing is to simply keep your appliances clean. Surface cleaning is important! Allowing gunk to build up on the surface of an appliance can cause blockages and corrosion. You also want to make sure you’re doing interior cleaning. In the case of something like a toaster, you want to be sure to change out the crumb tray regularly. It’s also important to keep any blades clean in the case of a blender or food processor. With something like stand mixer repair, we often see that people are failing to properly lubricate their mixers.

Book a small appliance repair in Houston 24/7 and enjoy quality service from qualified technicians!

Final Thoughts: Get Quality Small Appliance Repair in Houston Texas

Your broken appliance may have another lifetime to live! Don’t throw it away until you’ve had the team from HOU Repair take a look at it! In many cases, we’re able to locate the right small appliance repair parts to get your appliance running like new! We can also help you avoid another breakdown by explaining exactly what went wrong! Give us a call today if an appliance you count on isn’t working like it should!

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