Garbage Disposal Repair Houston

Garbage disposal on the fitz? HOU Repair can help with that. Our talented technicians can come into your home or business and take care of the issue in a speedy, courteous, and thorough manner. Read on to learn how we operate.

Why You Should Choose Our Garbage Disposal Repair Service

When your garbage disposal is not working, your home kitchen will work less than optimally. You want Houston garbage disposal repair services that will take care of the problem the first time.

So why should you hire HOU Repair for your garbage disposal repair needs? First things first: we offer some of the best prices on the market. We will put a guarantee behind that promise. When we perform garbage disposal repair in Houston TX homes, we always get the job done right. In the rare instances that we don’t, we will always set about to make things right. Always.

As a company, we only hire the most qualified technicians in the Houston area. That’s because we take what we do as a company seriously. When our technicians come to repair garbage disposal in your home, we guarantee the following things:

  • The garbage disposal repair cost will always be fair and free of frivolous, hidden fees
  • Our technicians will always explain the entirety of the garbage disposal leak repair process to you before they start the actual repairs
  • Our garbage disposal repair service technicians will act in a courteous manner and respect your home or business at all times
  • We will perform the required repairs in a quick and expeditious manner

How are we able to perform garbage disposal repairs so quickly? We have many garbage disposal parts on hand. That means no more waiting for days or even weeks for your technician to get one part needed to do the installation.

What Do I Do If My Garbage Disposal Is Not Working?

Some of the reasons that your garbage disposal is leaking or has stopped working altogether include the following scenarios:

  1. Your garbage disposal might be too full
  2. The flywheel in your garbage disposal is jammed
  3. The disposal motor stopped working
  4. Your garbage disposal has become clogged

The Internet is chock full of DIY tips for fixing some of the more common garbage disposal issues. But beware: attempting garbage disposal repairs without knowing what you’re doing could result in not only damage to your unit, but also injury to yourself. Attempted DIY repairs that go wrong could result in the need for disposal repairs that are a lot more costly than they originally needed to be.

If you notice major issues with your garbage disposal unit, call our office right away. Our knowledgeable technicians can diagnose and fix the issue with ease and speed.

Tips for Keeping Your Garbage Disposal In Good Shape

  1. Always run water when your garbage disposal is on: Turn on your cold water every time you run your garbage disposal. When you hear your disposal working, turn off the unit and run the water for a few more seconds. This technique not only flushes out your plumbing system, but also carries out the food particles more easily
  2. Don’t use hard or fibrous waste in the disposal: For example, avoid putting fruits that have pits and seeds into the disposal. These foods don’t really grind up very well. Plus, pieces can get jammed up into the unit. Also avoid putting in vegetables that have a lot of fibers to them. Some of these foods include celery, onion skins, corn husks, and egg shells
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals when cleaning your unit: The regular cleaning of your garbage disposal helps it to work as it should. Some natural cleaners you can use include vinegar and baking soda. Rock salt not only cleans your unit, but also sharpens the blades
  4. Never put your hands in the garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Brands That We Service

General ElectricMoenTitan
Waste KingWhirlawayEverbilt
InSinkEratorWaste MaidKitchenAid

The garbage disposal brands that we work on are not limited to this list. Our technicians can service brands from all over the world. Call our office for more information on what we can do for your particular brand of garbage disposal.

Book a garbage disposal repair in Houston 24/7 and enjoy quality service from qualified technicians!

Other Home Appliance Repair Services

HOU Repair technicians can also work on a wide variety of appliances besides your garbage disposal. In a pickle with some of your other appliances? We can help. Call our offices and a member of our staff will be happy to help you meet your needs. Call our offices today for garbage disposal repair help. We’re more than happy to get your kitchen back in working order.