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A microwave oven is an important appliance that is the hub of the kitchen. When it breaks, it can cause simple tasks to turn into major chores. The first question that you have when you are in need of microwave repair services in Houston is whether to repair the old appliance or to replace it with a new one. Microwave oven repair is typically the most cost-effective option. HOU Repair offers fast, affordable services that can get your microwave back in working order quickly.

Why It Is Worth Choosing Our Service for Microwave Repair in Houston

When your microwave is in need of repair services, Hou Repair is a trusted name for many reasons. We offer installation, repair services, and maintenance plans to help you avoid breakdowns in the first place. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Hou Repair when you need microwave oven repair.

  • Original spare parts. We only use genuine parts from the original manufacturer. This means that the new part will be exactly like the original when the unit was brand new.
  • Guarantee. We offer a one-year warranty for labor and replacement on our repairs. This means that we are confident in our skills and our ability to offer quality service.
  • Fair and understandable prices. There are never any hidden fees in our prices. We are upfront, and you will pay only what is originally quoted.
  • Qualified technicians. Our skilled technicians are factory-trained and have a thorough understanding of major microwave brands. There is no guesswork involved in the repair process.
  • Same-day service. We carry many common components in stock, and in many cases, can provide same-day services.
  • Preventative maintenance plans. HOU Repairs offers preventative service and maintenance plans to help you to avoid costly repairs later. This can also reduce any unexpected downtime.
  • Professional service. Our service technicians are friendly, professional, and reliable. They have an excellent knowledge base and are happy to answer any of your questions.

What Types of Microwaves We Repair?

Today, many types of microwave ovens are available for different purposes. Here are some of the types of microwave ovens that we can install, repair, and service.

  1. Solo. A solo microwave oven typically sits on a countertop as a standalone unit. They are used for defrosting and for cooking simple meals, such as reheating pre-packaged food.
  2. Grill. This type of microwave oven includes a heating element that can be used to grill and roast meat or vegetables. The purpose is to mimic the quality and taste of a regular oven without the time involved.
  3. Convection. A convection microwave can work as a complete unit. It can grill, defrost, reheat, and serve as a baking oven. They can be found in a range of sizes and are known for delivering consistent cooking results.
  4. Over-the-Range Microwave Oven. An Over-the-Range (OTR) oven mounts over a gas or induction range. Some are combined with a vent, fan, and lights. Many people choose these microwaves to save counter space.
  5. Built-In Microwave. Often these are wall units that are combined with an oven. They sometimes come as separate units, or they can come as a wall oven/microwave combo.

Most Common Breakdowns of Microwaves

Here are some of the most common repairs that we see on a regular basis.

  • Touchpad stops working
  • Microwave not heating
  • Microwave door will not close properly
  • Door stuck closed
  • Microwave plate will not turn
  • Microwave will not turn on
  • Microwave does not shut off
  • Makes a loud noise
  • Exhaust fan not working
  • Light does not work

Common Microwave Brands We Repair in Houston

We can perform microwave oven repair for the following major brands and many others.

Jenn AirLGFrigidaire

Book a microwave oven repair in Houston 24/7 and enjoy quality service from qualified technicians!

How to Avoid Damage to the Microwave and Simple Care Tips

Avoiding costly repairs is everyone’s goal. Here are a few simple care tips that you can do to help avoid having to call for microwave repair in Houston, TX.

  • Clean it after every use

Keeping the food spills and liquid cleaned up can help you to extend the life of your microwave. For stubborn stains, try heating a cup of water for 60-90 seconds and allow the steam to loosen the grime.

  • Avoid metals

Avoid using metals of any type in the unit. Look for cookware that says it is microwave safe on the label.

  • Replace the filters

If your microwave has a filter, keep them replaced as needed. Allowing grease to build up on them can damage the unit.

  • Be gentle on the door

Doors are one of the most abused components of the microwave. They are often slammed shut with an elbow when your hands are not free. Also, you should avoid opening the door when the unit is still running.

  • Do not run empty

You should never run the unit empty. All of the heat will be absorbed by the unit’s own components, which can damage them.

  • Do not overload the turntable

Every unit will have a certain weight limit. Going over this limit can damage the turntable.

  • Guard against power surges

Plugging your microwave into a surge protector or unplugging it when not in use can help to prevent damage during storms.

Today’s microwave units are complex and can store large amounts of power. It is possible for the capacitor in a microwave to store a charge even when the unit is unplugged. For this reason, only a qualified professional should attempt to repair a broken microwave. If you need microwave repair in Houston, TX, call the professionals at HOU Repair and we can get your microwave working again in no time.

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