Expert Dishwasher Repair in Houston, Texas

Well, if you live in Houston, Texas or the surrounding area, you’re in luck! At HOU Repair, we provide first-rate dishwasher installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Check out some of the most common issues that arise with dishwashers and why you should stay local and call HOU Repair the next time your dishwasher starts to act up.

Reasons to Call Us for Dishwasher Repair

Experienced Dishwasher Repair Technicians

The reliable technicians working at our repair service are trained to diagnose and fix a variety of dishwasher issues. Also, our technicians provide maintenance services that can help our clients to avoid costly repairs in the future.

A Supply of Original Parts

At our dishwasher repair Houston, we use original parts to make repairs. So, you know you’re getting quality, durable parts whenever a repair becomes necessary.

Same Day Service Available

We understand that sometimes a dishwasher repair is needed right away. That’s why we offer dishwasher repairs Houston on the same day or the day after you call. Maybe you’re having a dinner party and absolutely need your dishwasher. Or, you have to use the appliance at least once per day to keep up with the dirty dishes in your household. Regardless of the situation, we’re here to get the repair work done in a timely manner.

A Free Estimate and Clear Pricing

Our dishwasher repair Houston is glad to offer a free estimate on the work needed on your dishwasher. Our technician will explain the problem and let you know what repairs are needed. In addition, we have clear, upfront pricing so there are no surprises when the work is done.

A Warranty

At HOU Repair, we are so confident in the high level of our work as well as the parts we use we provide a one-year warranty on both parts and workmanship. So, our clients can enjoy even more peace of mind about the quality of our repairs in Houston, Texas.

Common Issues with a Dishwasher

Like any other appliance, dishwashers of all brands suffer from a few common issues.

  • Dishwasher Leaks

A dishwasher of any brand or model can spring a leak. A damaged or cracked drainage hose or its gasket can be the cause of a leak. Or it might be an issue with the dishwasher’s pump or pump seal.

  • The Dishwasher Does Not Drain

The washing cycle ends, you open the door and see water standing in the bottom of the appliance. This can be annoying and cause damage if it’s not fixed. It may be a result of a clogged drain hose or there could be an issue with the pump. Your dishwasher should drain completely after every cycle.

  • Dishes Won’t Dry Completely

The drying cycle of a dishwasher is supposed to get rid of all the water used to clean the dishes. If you notice your dishes are still wet when the washing cycle ends, it’s likely a problem with the heating element of the dishwasher.

  • The Dishwasher Doesn’t Start

You push the start button on your dishwasher, and nothing happens. A non-starting dishwasher could mean the door latch is not working properly. The appliance won’t start until the latch is securely in place. Or, it could be an issue with the power running to your dishwasher.

  • A Non-Filling Dishwasher

A dishwasher that won’t fill up with water could have a problem with its hot water inlet valve.

Common Brands of Dishwashers We Repair

During the time we’ve provided dishwasher repair services in Houston, TX we’ve seen appliances made by a variety of manufacturers. Check the brand on the front of your dishwasher. Chances are, our dishwasher repair and maintenance company has worked on it. Some of the most common brands we service include:

Jenn AirLGSamsung

Book a dishwasher repair in Houston 24/7 and enjoy quality service from qualified technicians!

Tips for Proper Dishwasher Maintenance

  1. Use an old toothbrush to clean the debris out of the spinning arms of your dishwasher
  2. Clean the rubber seal around the edges of the dishwasher to remove debris and prevent sticking
  3. Clean the trap beneath the sprayer to get rid of food debris too big to wash away
  4. Once a month put a cup of white vinegar in the bottom rack of your dishwasher and run it on a hot water cycle to remove grime and odors
  5. Clean the inside and outside of the handle on your dishwasher to ensure it moves freely

Our skilled dishwasher repair technicians have seen it all! We have the expertise to diagnose the problem and make the repairs to get your dishwasher running smoothly once again. Call HOU Repair today and let us solve your dishwasher issues!

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