Frigidaire Appliance Repair Service in Houston

If your home is outfitted with Frigidaire appliances, the pros at HOU Repair understand that your goal is to keep those appliances running smoothly for as long as possible. While mechanical hiccups may happen, many people are able to prolong the performance of their appliances using affordable appliance repair from technicians with experience with Frigidaire appliance parts and Frigidaire appliance service. In fact, our Frigidaire repair Houston TX services help local residents avoid the need to haul away and replace their pricey appliances every single day. Take a look at why HOU Repair is the name to know if you’re searching for Frigidaire repair service near me!

Why Choose Our Professional Frigidaire Repair Service

HOU Repair gives you peace of mind through our excellent customer service and clear pricing. We’re confident that you’ll never trust another repair company again once you experience the careful work and attention to detail offered by our factory-trained technicians. Take a look at why clients throughout the Houston area choose us when they find themselves in an “appliance pinch.”

  1. Frigidaire Original Spare Parts
  2. We know that you don’t want inferior parts in the appliances you count on to keep your home comfortable, safe and functioning. As a vendor for Frigidaire authorized service, we only use original Frigidaire appliance parts. While other repair companies may cobble together assorted parts from various brands, we’ll source new parts for your specific appliance model. If we don’t currently have the parts to conduct appliance repair on the spot, the Frigidaire repairman that visits your home will order the right parts for you. We proudly offer a one-year warranty for labor and replacement parts.

  3. Fair and Understandable Prices
  4. At HOU Repair, we offer services for Frigidaire appliance repair Houston residents can count on when they want fair, transparent pricing. We’ll give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done before we begin any servicing on your broken appliance. We feel that it’s important for our clients to be able to make informed, reasonable decisions based on the cost of repair versus replacement. While many of our clients are able to save substantial amounts of money by preserving their existing appliances instead of replacing appliances, we’re always committed to helping each client get the best outcome based on the reality of the situation.

  5. Frigidaire Qualified Technicians
  6. The technicians employed by our company undergo extensive training to be able to work on all parts and components within the Frigidaire lineup. In addition to being qualified, our appliances pros are courteous, prompt and attentive to the needs of our customers. When you call us for Frigidaire authorized service, we’ll take a look at the unit to identify the root cause behind why your appliance has stopped working at its ideal and optimal level. In addition, we’ll provide you with a clear, straightforward explanation of our findings to help you make your decision.

  7. Emergency Services
  8. At HOU Repair, we understand that even the best service in the world doesn’t mean anything if it’s not there when you need it. That’s why we provide emergency services to respond to your needs when the appliances that keep your household running go out at the wrong time. If your appliance doesn’t require an urgent repair, you can still take advantage of our next-day service!

Take a Look at the Frigidaire Appliances We Repair

HOU Repair technicians are familiar with the complete Frigidaire lineup. If any appliance in your kitchen or laundry room shows signs of distress, rest assured that it’s probably an issue we’ve seen many times before.

A pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure when it comes to appliances. That’s why it’s so important to call for Frigidaire appliance service if any of your appliances are showing signs of trouble. A slight noise or temperature fluctuation that can be easily fixed today could turn into an issue that creates expensive damage at your house tomorrow if it’s ignored!

We offer service, maintenance and repairs for the following:

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair

Don’t let temperature fluctuations reduce food quality, put your health at risk or waste energy at your home. Let our techs investigate if your problem is related to a compressor issue, coil issue, poor seal or blockage.

frigidaire refrigerator repair

Frigidaire Freezer Repair

Common issues like damaged fan motors or dirty coils can stop a freezer’s performance in its tracks. Don’t risk losing an entire freezer’s worth of expensive food items by ignoring the problem until it gets worse.

frigidaire freezer repair

Frigidaire Cooktop and Oven Repair

We repair everything from heating elements to electrical components as part of our Frigidaire oven repair and Frigidaire oven repair services.

frigidaire cooktop repair

Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair

When a dishwasher goes bad, there’s a potential for a big leak in your kitchen. We can assist with common problems like a dishwasher that leaks, a dishwasher that doesn’t fill properly, a noisy dishwasher, a dishwasher that is leaving dishes dirty and a dishwasher that isn’t draining properly.

frigidaire dishwasher repair

Frigidaire Microwave Repair

If your microwave isn’t heating properly, the magnetron may have failed. Additionally, our techs can assist with things like faulty door hinges and keypads issues.

frigidaire microwave repair

Frigidaire Range Repair

Switch andWe offer services to repair heating elements and digital components on ranges.

frigidaire range repair

Frigidaire Range Hood Repair

Switch and motor issues are common with hoods. Let us help to get the ventilation flowing again in your kitchen.

frigidaire range hood repair

Frigidaire Wine Cooler Repair

An issue like a clogged fan or hose can put the integrity of your pricey bottles in jeopardy. Bring a pro in right away if you’re noticing temperature fluctuations.

frigidaire wine cooler repair

Frigidaire Washer Repair

Switch and motor issues are common with hoods. Let us help to get the A catastrophe with your washing machine can be one of the most expensive issues you’ll ever have at your home! A noisy, vibrating, overfilled or non-filling washing machine could mean that the “dam is about to burst” to create a serious flooding issue at your home. Nip the issue in the bud by having a Frigidaire repairman take a look.

frigidaire washer repair

Frigidaire Dryer Repair

If your dryer won’t run properly, you could have an issue with everything from a drum seal to a thermal fuse. A dryer can be one of the most complex appliances to repair due to the fire dangers associated with this appliance. Make sure you bring in technicians with experience for this very complex appliance repair project to keep your home safe!

frigidaire dryer repair

Your Team of Frigidaire Repair Houston, TX Technicians Is Waiting to Look at Your Appliance

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HOU Repair is here to give you fair, honest and reasonably priced service for your broken or damaged Frigidaire appliance. In addition to fixing appliances when something goes wrong, we also offer preventative plans to help you stretch the life of your appliances while reducing the likelihood of needing repairs down the line. Schedule a service appointment today!